Basketball (Boys 6AB)

Basketball (Boys 6AB) Scores

By Braden Chandler | Dec 4, 2023 9:22 PM

6th Grade vs Rochester MS (13 - 33) Loss On Monday evening the 6th Grade Comets went to Rochester for their final game of the year. It was a disappointing evening for the young Comets! Rochester had a 6 foot boy that could catch and hit a layup. The Comets had no answer for him! They would just throw the ball over our heads to him! The tall guy ended up scoring 19 of their 33 points! Meanwhile, the big boy never left the paint on defense, so we could never cleanly drive to the basket and get a clean shot to the hoop! As I said it was a disappointing game to end our season. The final score was 13-33! Bear Craig led the Comets with11 points with Abel Lovelady contributed the other two. The 6th Graders finished their season 3-10! It was a learning year for these boys. Hopefully, they will continue to grow and get better for next year! Go Comets!