Basketball (Boys 6AB)

Basketball (Boys 6AB) Scores

By Braden Chandler | Nov 13, 2023 9:45 PM

6th Grade vs Winamac (22 - 25) Loss On Monday evening the 6th Grade Comets traveled to Winamac to play the Warriors in a rematch of last Monday's game. The Comets played much better than they did a week ago.. The Comets were determined to keep moving. A noticeable improvement on the season! Winamac was still the better team. After the 1st quarter, the Warriors were up 5-8, but we had given them 6 of those points by turnovers! The Comets kept scrapping in the second quarter. At half, the Comets were down only10-14 with us giving them a couple more points and we missed a couple of break away layups! We were in the game. Our defense was much improved! The boys were excited! The third quarter was a bit of a struggle. We missed some shots and had to play through some no calls! We were unable to score! Going into the 4th, the Comets were down 10-22! The Comets would not quit this night! The Comets dug in on defense and went after the rebounds! Bear Craig was able to finally get towards the bucket cleanly and the Comets came back on the Warriors. The Comets came up short, but they were in a basketball game tonight! The final score was 22-25! The Comets will be playing Culver tomorrow, Tuesday, at Caston at 5:30pm.